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Asian ladies were not very popular among wife seekers in the US until now. Anime and K-pop have turned the world’s eyes towards countries of the Far East. More and more American males go there or use dating sites to find Thailand mail-order brides. From this article, you will know why Thailand mail order brides are the best and how to get their attention.

Who Is a Thailand Mail Order Bride?

Every Thailand wife finder needs to know what to expect from these ladies. What is their appearance? What are they like in everyday life and marriage? Here we gathered some common traits which are typical for every woman from this country.


Thailand females are known around the globe because of their eternal youth. One can hardly tell the age of the female they see. Often she is much older than seems. This is caused by perfect skin, long thick hair, and a tiny figure. You can seldom meet obese women in this country.

Also, Thai girls’ gracefulness and incredible appearance-and-character harmony attract thousands of men.

Locals always take care of their appearance and physical well-being. Not to mention Thai massage, which makes you feel like you are in heaven!

Thailand Women for Marriage


As regards customs of behavior, Thailand mail-order brides are unique. Read on!

  • Directness and naivety: Because the country has not been open to foreigners for very long, locals have kept their sincerity and even naivety in their attitude. Just like the Americans, Thai people always smile at strangers and are ready to chat. However, in the US, smiling leads to nothing. On the contrary, pretty Thailand girls are really glad to meet everybody and to make new connections.
  • Cover of modesty: Timid look, shyness, obedience, meekness.  Those are not the features of a Thai girl. We are used to thinking that Asian women are all modest and quiet, but this is more likely for Japanese or Chinese culture. The Thailand brides for marriage approach nudity with some restrictions. They consider sex an important component of daily life.
  • They are religious: Thailand singles prepare for their wedding very carefully. Thai people believe that marriages are made in heaven. Before engagement, they visit monks to get a compatibility horoscope written. However, this horoscope is more like a recommendation rather than a law.
  • Education is vital: In this country, an educated Thailand bride is more eligible for marriage than a pretty one. That is why so many women here want to get a good education, which is expensive.
  • Boundless patience: Thailand mail order wives are perfect in terms of tolerating their husbands’ imperfections and sins. They will never argue and prove him wrong. These women are ready to please every need and request of their spouses even if they are treated badly.

Challenges of Dating Thailand Mail Order Brides

So far, we have been saying pleasant things about hot Thailand brides. However, there are several alerting points.

English Is Not Their Strength

As you have just read, Thais are eager to enter a university. But few of them do eventually because of its cost. So, a foreign tourist should not rely on his English knowledge; the only thing that will come in handy is body language and intuition.

Prostitution and Attitude to Sex

A lot of men choose Thailand women for marriage because of their openness to extramarital affairs. Wives sometimes encourage their husbands to visit massage salons to get “special services”. The women believe it is safe as there is no emotional attachment to the prostitute. But it is a double-edged sword. Your Thai wife may also cheat on you, considering it normal. You may meet good Thai brides who work as prostitutes. Be aware!

The Bride Is Not a Simpleton

Usually, beautiful Thailand women do not believe in relationships with foreigners. The deception works to both sides: men spend time with Thai ladies while having a bride at home, and Thailand women for sale imitate love to get money. If you want a local bride, you must prove your serious intentions.

There Is a Grain of Truth in Every Joke

Thailand has a loyal policy regarding sex reassignment surgery. Local doctors are among the best surgeons in this field. Also, many Thai people are transsexuals or transgender. Be vigilant: you hope to find Thailand girl but may end up with a boy.

Why Do Thailand Women Like American Men?

In this Asian country, there are many women looking for American men. They have plenty of reasons for that:

Better Quality of Life

The Thai bride hopes to get out of her home country despite the fact of its economic growth. International marriage is a wanted one-way ticket. In some way, you can buy Thailand lady.

Americans Are More Faithful

Whatever they say, cheating hurts every woman, including Thailand girls for marriage. Creating a family with non-Thai men, women hope their marriage will be loyal. Undoubtedly, this is the main reason why it is so easy for foreigners to get a Thai bride. They all want a loyal husband.

The Us Men Are Handsome

Unlike a bride from this country, a fiance can hardly be called Apollo. Americans care about their appearance more and look far better than the locals. Also, the financial situation in both countries affects this aspect.

Americans Pay More Attention to Feelings

No one wants to feel lonely. In traditional Thai marriage, a single woman cannot hope to talk about her emotional problems with a partner. But the custom of speaking out your feelings is present in Western culture.

thailand mail order brides

Where to Find Thailand Women Looking for Marriage

There are many ways for American singles to meet women looking for love. Here are the most common and spread ones.

Special Marriage Agencies

If you do not have time or money to visit this country, dating agencies will find you a mail-order girlfriend. The professionals will select the perfect Thailand girl for marriage for a fee. Usually, it is expensive. Also, there is a risk of working with a bad agency.

Online Dating Websites

Those are good way to communicate with singles on your own. Many platforms also demand money, however, it will cost less than dating agencies’ services. By the way, remember that Thailand wives online may not become real wives.

Visiting the Country

The best way to dive into the culture and meet your love is to go there. You will be able to try dating Thailand women and understand if they meet your needs. The highest chances to meet Thailand girl are in big cities, nightclubs, local restaurants, and university parties.

Becoming a Volunteer

In American touristic cities, there are special communities that help the diaspora to adjust to the new place. 270.000 Thai people are living in the United States. Becoming a volunteer in such an organization is also a good way to find a Thailand bride. By the way, it has some considerable advantages:

  • You act on your territory;
  • Women you choose may already have American citizenship, which makes the marriage possible;
  • There will be no Thailand bride for sale, but educated women who know English;
  • In case of failure, at least you spend your time with benefits. You can meet a new friend and will get to know your neighborhood better.

Thailand Mail Order Wife: Summing Up

To conclude, Thailand mail-order brides make good life partners. They are easy to date, loyal, and eager to study. It is because of the poverty that they work in prostitution. But those ladies are ready to change and become great wives for their American husbands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Get Thailand Brides?

The best way to get a Thai wife is to go to the country and meet somebody in reality. However, foreigners often fall for the women’s scam. It is because gentlemen use the services of prostitutes. These ladies pretend to love you to lure money. That is why we recommend you to refer to a dating agency, dating websites, or make connections with the Thai diaspora in the US.

How Loyal Are Thai Brides?

They are loyal. Many Thai females let their husbands spend time in “massage salons” with another bride, provided that there is no emotional connection between them. Your bride may not tolerate it, though. Anyway, these women have been taught to please their spouses and ignore extramarital affairs. However, Thai ladies can also cheat if they feel neglected. So, a husband should be loyal, too.

How to Attract a Thai Woman?

American men do not need to make a great effort to impress Thai ladies. All you have to do is to be a gentleman, show your financial stability, give her generous gifts, look stylish, and do not behave aggressively. It is easy to get a bride from this country because women here want a better life with a better man.

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